Hot Adriana

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Brad was helping his girlfriend Adriana Chechik pack up since her family was moving to a new place. As they went through the boxes, one of them was labeled taxes. As Brad carried it over to stack it on the other side of the room, he heard all kinds of clanging. Adriana told him it might just be a cell phone or calculator or something, but he insisted on snooping around and taking a look for himself. They ended up stumbling onto her stepmom’s secret sex toy stash. It became painfully obvious that Dana DeArmond was not being sexually pleased to her satisfaction and it was all Adriana’s dad’s fault. As they were joking around about it, Dana walked in and was completely embarrassed. She tried to make a case for herself and mentioned to them how Adriana’s dad just didn’t have a big enough dick. Adriana, being her usual bratty self, bragged about how nice and big Brad’s dick was and rubbed it in her stepmom’s face. All of that led to Brad eventually whipping his dick out and quite literally rubbing his dick on Dana’s face! He seemed to always have the hots for her stepmom and Adriana figured it would be fun for all of them to have a good time together. Adriana better be careful because Brad seemed to enjoy his tryst with Dana a little bit too much. Maybe he’s developing a thing for older women…

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